Live your life the way you want -
and let us handle the admin

Welcome to Chalcot Concierge, one of London's leading concierge service providers.

We can relieve you of life’s burdensome tasks – from booking tickets, to providing home secretarial support, to project-managing your house refurbishment. We offer a limitless number of services and our team is diligent, professional and committed to making a genuine difference to your life.

Our clients have one thing in common: they don’t have enough time. They know what they’d like to be doing with their time, but instead they are constantly pulled in all directions, whether to family, work or a busy social life.

  • If your to-do list seems to get longer and longer even though you know you are ticking things off. We can help.
  • If you have a busy professional career and find it almost impossible to deal with all the other odd-jobs and administrative tasks that inevitably require your attention every day. We can help.
  • If you have a high quality of live, but you’d appreciate a helping hand with the organisational side. We can help.

Saving you time

Quite simply, we offer you the chance to concentrate on what’s important to you. By taking on the trivial, yet often time-consuming tasks quickly and efficiently, we can give you back your quality time…leaving you free to enjoy life to the full.
Whether you need us to deal with household tradesmen, or whether you need help arranging a private jet, we treat every job, big or small, with the same meticulous attention to detail. Our team of professionals will carry out the necessary research to find you the right person to do the job and we will ensure that the service you receive is exceptional.

And it’s worth noting that we’re not just here for the tiresome jobs. If you want help arranging something to do with your new-found time, such as a theatre trip or a holiday abroad, we can help with that too. See our full list of services for further details.

For example, here’s how we helped Tessa W. She and her daughter Julia were about to move to London for Tessa’s job when their new house developed structural problems. Tessa contacted Chalcot and we arranged a luxury flat near Tessa’s work and Julia’s school. Then we got to work organising a builder to perform repairs and a decorator to make the house ready to move in.
Meanwhile we’d taken care of all the niggling parts of moving house – removal firms, change of address, utilities, broadband, mail redirection. Now we’ve arranged a regular cleaner for Tessa, found a new Taekwondo class for Julia – and organised their housewarming party!

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